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"Kings" is an epic story of greed and power, war and romance, forbidden loves and secret alliances -- and a young hero who rises to power in a modern-day kingdom.



The story will dominate the news; you’ll be ridiculed by women, made fantasy by men. And while David is congratulated, you’ll be dragged through the mud… But when the dust settles, and memory fades, you’ll be thought of as a woman - which is what you are - sexual, desirable… formidable. And you’ll wield that power in ways young girls cannot.


Part 1, 2, 3


Part 1, 2, 3


Part 1, 2, 3



for the prince without a crown. 

i. broken crown mumford & sons // ii. everybody lies jason walker // iii. oedipus regina spektor // iv. white blank page mumford & sons // v. seven devils florence + the machine // vi. national anthem lana del rey // vii. glory and gore lorde // viii. these streets bastille // ix. wolf in sheeps clothing this providence 

And Saul was afraid of David for the LORD was with him, but from Saul He had turned away. And Saul removed him from his presence and set him as captain of a thousand, and he led the troops into the fray. And David succeeded in all his ways and the LORD was with him. And Saul saw that he was very successful and he dreaded him. But all Israel and Judah loved David, for he had led them into the fray. 


Aha, found the other song from Kings 1.04. This is the song that’s playing when they enter the basement nightclub for the first time. Sound/music department did another great job of picking something out that has suitable lyrics (for Jack in this case).

Ghosts (by Ladytron)

In the first days
Of the springtime
Made you a prince with a thousand enemies
Made a trail of
A thousand tears
Made you a prisoner inside your own secrecy.

There’s a ghost in me
Who wants to say I’m sorry
Doesn’t mean I’m sorry 

At the first hour
Of the springtime
Made you a prince with a thousand enemies
Now I see you
From the corner
Clock strikes and I know you will be drinking alone

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